Marie-Capucine Bignolas

Marie-Capucine (Marie) is the Executive Office Administrator and has a close collaboration with each department of the firm. She strives to provide the most impeccable service possible to the whole family, including clients and everyone behind her desk, from advisors to interns, while cultivating valuable relationships with custodians and vendors.

Prior to joining Miracle Mile, Marie studied literature and sociology back home in France. Since her arrival to the United States, she has taught Middle-school French, and slung shots for an artisanal coffee roaster on the East Coast before becoming a medical interpreter here in Los Angeles. A life-long student & volunteer, trotting in a straight line across the globe, she discovered finance by studying an introductory course on world markets long distance from the University of Geneva a few years back.

She holds a bachelor’s in Sociology, CS, and CSPO Certifications with various licenses in fields ranging from anatomy of the lower limbs to 19th-century epistolary Japanese art. She is currently a member of the Junior League of Los Angeles and enjoys working with Aviva in Hollywood whenever she can find the time to serve. Other hobbies include chess, hiking, woodworking, reading, cooking, and yoga.

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Marie-Capucine Bignolas

There is more than
meets the eye.

  • There are statues of her face standing on several French highways
  • She learned yoga simply to imitate a National Geographic photo she saw at age 6 of a ballerina’s back bend
  • She loves a good cigar with a wedge of lemon