INVESTMENTS TAXES CHARITABLEINTENT RETIREMENT PERSONALVALUES INSURANCE LIQUIDITYEVENTS ESTATEPLANNING INVESTMENTS Portfolio construction is goal-based and tailored to each client’s specific cash flow needs, tax situation, and risk tolerance. TAXES Proactive tax planning has become much more important in recent years. We help you optimize the after-tax results — it’s what you keep, not what you make. CHARITABLE INTENT We spend the time to understand and incorporate charitable intent into your cash flow planning, taxes, and portfolio to reduce your long-term tax load and achieve your philanthropic goals. RETIREMENT You worked hard for retirement, worrying about your lifestyle needs should not be your new hobby. PERSONAL VALUES Your wealth is an extension of your family’s values. Your financial plan and investment strategy should be too. INSURANCE Insurance, when done right, can play an important role in protecting your family’s legacy. It can also be key in optimizing after-tax returns and transferring wealth to the next generation. LIQUIDITY EVENTS Major events like inheritance, divorce, or the sale of a business can be daunting. Our expert team has the sophistication and experience to help you through the entire process. ESTATE PLANNING Proactive estate planning is critical for high-net-worth families. We work closely with your other advisors to clearly define your legacy, tax-optimize your balance sheet, and help advise you on how best to include and educate your future generations.