CLIENT CONSIDERATIONS Implement socially responsible investment themes Achieve specific future cash flow needs (e.g., house, business ownership) Minimize market volatility TAX OPTIMIZATION Select the most tax-efficient underlying investments Pursue ongoing tax-loss harvesting as opportunities arise Leverage strategic asset location to take advantage of tax-deferred accounts ASSET ALLOCATION Define long-term, risk-adjusted return objectives Take advantage of market corrections and asset mispricing Dynamically rebalance portfolios to target allocations PORTFOLIO DESIGN Select optimal mix of low-cost funds, individual securities, and alternatives Optimize portfolio security selection to maximize risk-adjusted return potential and minimize correlation risk Incorporate near-term tactical opportunities and long-term market trends MACRO OVERVIEW Research and monitor key leading market indicators Forecast return expectations across global markets Model range of scenarios to generate confidence intervals DYNAMIC IMPLEMENTATION Implement phased buying and selling while incorporating legacy holdings Adjust portfolio based on changing financial planning needs and investment goals Monitor net-of-fee performance against benchmarks