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Client Access At Miracle Mile, we use and provide cutting edge technology to ensure you have access to your accounts, always.

Let’s face it, we are living in a technology driven world. While we are avid believers that pure technology will never replace a human perspective, we appreciate its role in our day to day lives. That includes relying on technology to keep us organized and informed on all financial matters.

Online Client Dashboard

  • Your client dashboard includes a consolidated view of what you own and what you owe, updated daily
  • Construct specific financial scenarios and see how they effect your lifetime cash flow using advance techniques and unlimited what-if scenarios
  • Screen sharing to connect with us whether you are across town or anywhere in the world
  • Visually tell the story of your estate plan and show the effects of estate techniques
  • Your data is housed with SunGard Data Systems which keeps your data private and secure 24/7/365

Consolidated Performance Reporting

  • All of your investment assets are tracked
  • Net of fee performance of all accounts on one statement
  • Risk analytics for each of your accounts versus various indices
  • Performance analysis by asset class
  • Current yield and annual income analysis of your holdings
  • Gain/loss analysis of your holdings
  • Bond analysis including annual income, yield to maturity, and duration
  • Manager performance measured against customized benchmarks for specific comparison over various periods of time

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